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ARTIST’S STATEMENT of Ronald Jones aka RJ

Some of these faces appeared to me unbidden, as though inviting themselves on the painting surface to truly exist as real beings . Others were a vent for a personal mood or feeling I felt could best be captured in the often telling expressions of a physiognomy. All the portraits are negotiable in price if you  are interested in collecting one or several of these. I accept PayPal (other payment methods available on inquiry). The portraits come unmatted and unframed and are shipped via UPS. There is no extra charge for shipping. My email contact is Thank you for visiting the Imaginary Portrait gallery.


Portrait Caught in The Mists of Time 11×14″ mixed media drawing on paper



MiddleAged Mermaid 9×12″ mixed on paper


DOG WITH AUTISM An artistic attempt to enter the mind of a dog that is experiencing a disorientation similar to, or perhaps consisting of, a state of autism that may parallel childhood autism in humans. Does autism occur in animals? No one can say for sure. The painting is 11×14″ on paper, mixed media.

Old Lady in City, Flashing For Pennies 9×12″ watercolor on paper

HOMAGE TO APES WHO PAINT–12×16″ mixed media on paper Posters available Original donated to Creative Habitats and Enrichments for Endangered and Threatened Apes (Palm Springs, CA)

PROFESSOR OF SEMANTICS–10×101/2″ charcoal on paper